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TEL: 55503913, 66748436
Street No. 11, Industrial Area


Final Choice Auto Garage, a new venture from the house of Ali International Group, provides highquality services to your vehicle by highly skilled and trained technicians and gives you the pleasantautomotive experience you deserve. We repair and maintain all vehicles irrespective of makes and models either it be passenger cars, Suv’s, Vans, Buses etc.

UPDATED Brochure new Janury 2017 (1)-6

• Mechanical Services
(Engine repairs, Gear box repairs, Suspension works, Steering, Break and Clutch repair and general maintenance)
• Electrical Services(All Auto Electrical works)
• Auto Glass Sales and fittings
• Auto Air Conditioning Services
We repair all Auto Air Conditioning systems and stock a wide range of Auto Air Conditioning components like A/c
Compressors, Clutches, Fans, Evaporators, Condensors, accumulators/driers etc. for various car applications.